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Technical guidance during initial system development concerning the overall contribution of the façade system to the building envelope by taking into account all aspects of design and construction pertinent to facades along with accurate cost estimations.


❑ Structural, state-of-the-art structural design and cross-sectional optimization, performed side-by-side with our client’s designers to ensure solid performance and easy to apply solutions on time and within budget.
❑ Thermal, quantitative approach to identify the thermal performance, target critical areas of thermal bridges, assess condensation risk and mold development.
❑ Acoustical, analytical and empirical approaches to ensure that noise levels remain within acceptable range.


Project Specification, development of high quality and up to date façade specs to meet the most demanding requirements
Performance Assessment, inspection and evaluation of subcontractors’ performance to meet required quality levels
Critical Points Identification, exploring imminent or potential flaws by assessing calculations and drawings
Tendering Phase Appraisal, checking relevant offers to identify the most efficient match in terms of high-quality, low-cost and low-risk


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